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American Spaces
American Spaces
There are four American Spaces in Republic of Korea.
American Spaces provide welcoming environments
where visitors can connect
and learn about
the United States through programs and lectures,
as well as through books, movies, and magazines.
Hosted in embassies, schools, libraries, and other
partner institutions worldwide, American Spaces are
platforms for providing
information and engagement
through activities, such as;
Educational advising for those who want
to study in the U.S.,
Workshops on a range of topics from
career skills to English language learning,
Classes and clubs introducing new
technologies, 21st century digital skills,
and academic resources,
Films, discussions, and lectures on
entrepreneurship, leadership,
current events, international affairs,
and much more.
American Center Korea (ACK)
American Center Korea (ACK) is an advanced
physical platform
for effective public diplomacy
engagement with Korean target
audiences in
support of United States foreign policy objectives.
ACK is a physical location and a collaborative
where all citizens can explore and be
inspired by new ideas,
skills, and opportunities that
have the power to bring positive
change to individual
lives, communities, the host country,
bilateral and
regional relations, and global challenges.
ACK also enhances training and transfer of both hard
and soft skills.
Through Makerspace, ACK offers hands-on experience
with various digital media
such as 3-D printers and virtual reality.
American Corners in Korea
Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and participating
Korean public libraries,
American Corners in Korea
are a joint partnership for sharing information,
entertainment, culture, and educational resources
with Korean citizens.
The mission of each American
Corner is to promote mutual understanding
the United States and Republic of Korea, and to
offer resources
and programs supporting cultural exchange. EducationUSA Korea conducts
seminars and advising sessions every month at each corner.
Counseling Center
American Center Korea
3, Hangang-daero 72-gil, Yongsan-gu,
Seoul, Korea
Phone: 02-397-4671
Busan American Corner
Busan Simin
Municipal Library 1F
462, World cup-daero,
Busan, Korea
Phone: 051-810-2827
Daegu American Corner
Daegu Metropolitan
Jungang Library 1F
25, Gongpyeong-ro
Daegu, Korea
Phone: 053-231-2046
Gwangju American Corner
Gwangju Municipal
Mudeung Library 2F
130, Myeonang-ro,
Gwangju, Korea
Phone: 062-613-7757
Pyeongtaek American Corner
Pyeongtaek Municipal Baedari Library, 20, Jukbaek 6-ro, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Phone: 031-8024-5452
Gangneung American Corner
Gangneung Municipal
Moru Library,
2923-12, Yulgok-ro,
Gangwon-do, Korea
Phone: : 033-660-3258
Jeju American Corner
Halla Library, Onam-ro 221,
Jeju-do, Korea
Phone: 064-710-8637